Richard Selbourne

Portrait photograph of experienced proofreader and editor Betsy Selbourne

Richard has the concentration threshold of a goldfish which puts the craft of proofreading well beyond him. 

His lovely wife Betsy, however, is quite the opposite. Nothing, no matter how small, gets past her. Ever. That’s why she’s so perfectly suited to proofreading and editing. Before moving to the UK, Betsy was:

  • Assistant Editor, Magazines and Web, for Microsoft New York.
  • Managing Editor, Books and Newsletters for the Thompson Publishing Group, New York and Washington DC. 
  • Managing Editor, Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing, San Diego.

Over here, Betsy has been Chief Subeditor, Newsletters and Online for Informa Telecoms (Now Ovuum) and has freelanced for Canalys, Thames Valley American Women’s Association and various marketing agencies including Ingenious8 and 1973.

Like to talk to Betsy about a proofreading assignment? Get in touch on
07738 886049 and she’ll bore you with anecdotes about compound words and homophones, like any good proofreader.