Silver Nomination for McDonald's Football in the Community. Annual entries for Army Officer Recruitment (x2), Condor, Sandwich Express and McDonald's.

Cannes Lions

McDonald's and Smoke Alarms.


Gold for Yoplait Yogurt.

British Television

Silver for McDonald's Football in the Community. Bronze for Shelter. Nomination for McDonald's 99p.

Campaign Press

Silver for Army Officer Recruitment.

Creative Circle

Gold for Condor. Silver for Condor.

Australian Award

Annual entry for Colorectal Cancer.

UK Radio Awards

Silver for Volkswagen.

Aerial Radio Award

For McDonald's Italian.

Fresh Creative Awards

Gold for Considerate Building, Wendover House School, Motivation, lovemyhealth.com and Marsh Tackle.

Wirehive 100

Awards for copy contribution to 
HPS Agency Website and Bridgestone Club46 content.